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Restorative coating for composite decks

It's no secret that composite deck boards – particularly the so-called "first generation" products – are particularly prone to color fading. If you own a composite deck that's showing signs of premature aging, and aren't ready to replace the deck just yet, we have a great solution.

GemThane Dex-N-Dox Resurfacer is a polymer coating, based on automotive clear-coat technology, that is used to preserve and restore the surface of residential decking.

Polymers cure by a chemical reaction and are dramatically more robust than paints, which simply dry through evaporation. Dex-N-Dox Resurfacer is designed for most types of man-made decking materials such as composites and vinyl, as well as for the periodic touching up and refreshing of GemThane Dex-N-Dox polymer-coated wooden deck boards.

How it works

Dex-N-Dox Resurfacer uses the same polyurethane and acrylic resins and the same ultra-violet additives used for automotive and yacht finishes. Dex-N-Dox Resurfacer penetrates and locks into the surface, then cures over several days to a tough, matte film that resists all the forces that conspire against your deck: weather extremes, acid rain, staining, mildew, sunlight and abrasion. The product is clear, but can be tinted with GemThane Dex-N-Dox Colorant to any of about 25 colors.

Dex-N-Dox Resurfacer contains a powerful anti-microbial additive that prevents mold and mildew from reaching the substrate and facilitates easy removal of any mold or mildew that does form on the surface. The Composite Deck Formula also contains GemThane’s “AP-50 Adhesion Promoter”, a proprietary additive that enhances adhesion to most varieties of plastic decking.

More information

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GemThane Dex-N-Dox is the world's best pre-finished real wood decking product. We ship our low maintenance wood deck boards to terminals all over the United States and Canada, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Indiana, Washington, Vermont, North Carolina, New York, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Concecticut, Iowa, Missouri, Wyoming, and Minnesota, as well as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Newfoundland.